STOCKTON - Blake Supinger likes toast.

It’s one of his favorite foods, he said. It’s rather fitting for someone who generally maintains a laid-back, quiet demeanor according to his coach.

Supinger also likes water polo, and when he hits the water, it’s a much different story.

The Bear Creek High senior is tied for fourth in the section in goals (20) with teammate Cade Campigli, according to MaxPreps. He has a knack for the back of the net, said Bruins coach Herb Vochatzer, and isn’t as laid back when he’s in the pool.

“In the water, he’s very strong and very aggressive,” Vochatzer. “You wouldn’t know it out of the water. But he can hold his own.”

Supinger, a swimmer since the age of 10, got his start in water polo as a freshman. He’s got a lot of friends in the sport, including Campigli and junior Adan Banks, who’s right behind his teammates and fifth in the section with 19 goals.

Together, the trio has proven to be an offensive force for Bear Creek.

“This year, with Cade and Adan, we’ve been trying to focus on our shot, throw hard and try to get into the corners,” Supinger. “That’s what we’ve been focusing on lately. The last few games it’s been paying off.”

Vochatzer credited Supinger’s accuracy, and referenced a recent game when the player made a shot from nearly three-quarters length of the pool away. Supinger saw an opening against a goalie that was shaded heavily to one side, Vochatzer said, and took the shot.

“He’s a smart player, and he’s got the physical skills to do what he’s thinking of,” Vochatzer said.

Supinger, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, said he’s going on a two-year mission when he graduates from Bear Creek. He has aspirations to return to the sport after, however, and hopefully play at the college level.

For now, he’s got a season with the Bruins to finish. He said Bear Creek can make a splash, as long as the team is conditioned for a lengthy season.

“If we’re conditioning every day,” Supinger said, “it can give us the edge we need to compete at high levels.”