Should teachers be armed? Yes, in many cases, for the safety of the school and the students who go there. How and where in many of our communities, which are not in good neighborhoods and where the crime rate is very high.

Students, as we have seen, become very vulnerable and must be protected. This should be done very carefully. We don't need to make a bunch of Rambos out of our teachers but a select few with the proper training will do the job. These teachers should be schooled in the use of the weapon they will have and spend outside time training with it.

In schools, no one should know who the teachers are that are carrying these weapons and it should be like the sky marshal program — they are there but the bad guys should never know where.

Most of all we must make schools non-accessible once the school day has started. Security should be like our courthouses and airports, meaning anything carried in by students should be searched when coming in and out of the school, and every time they leave or return during the school day.

Also, if trained security people are also on site it will make it less need for teachers to be armed. Our law enforcement people should spend time covering areas where schools are. Then they can make sure if any unusual situation looks suspicious they will be on top of the situation in a matter of moments and take what action is necessary.

Also, when the children are on the playground security should be at its highest level and students kept as far from the street as possible. The outcry on something like this is money, but saving a human life and perfecting their safety has no price that should not be used anytime. Our communities find money for anything they need for improvements and to make their city look better, but showing how our schools are protected is worth all of that and more.

None of this should have to happen, but times have changed and if we can trust to have teachers teach children reading, writing and arithmetic, then we can trust them to help keep the schools safe.


Garry Allyn DeManty of Stockton is an Air Force veteran and retired postal worker.