Letter writer have agenda?

Darin Clausing’s letter regarding Stockton Unified teachers is the ultimate of hypocrisy.

He berates teachers for their stand in current contract negotiations. Darin fails to disclose that he, himself, is an administrative employee for SUSD. He failed to mention that the SUSD administration has been trying for years to spend millions on a new administrative building while classrooms struggle with limited supplies and out-dated textbooks.

He failed to mention that district administrators have received raises many times more than the current offer to teachers in SUSD. Teachers are the best predictor of success for Stockton students. There is no better place to put SUSD’s money.

Carolyn Ritchie

SUSD teacher

Editor’s note: Darin Clausing, whose letter was published in the Sept. 20 Record, is listed as a Computer Technician on the SUSD web site.

Wells Fargo gets off easily

How delicious a metaphor that John Stumpf, Wells Fargo CEO, was wearing a bandage around his hand, possibly as a result of the light slap on the wrist administered by the Obama administration, when he testified before a congressional committee.

Stumpf sat languidly by while among others, including Sen. Elizabeth Warren, blasted him with a wild histrionic tirade. Stumpf accepted responsibility for the errors of Wells Fargo in creating phony credit card accounts but went no further. But 5,300 low level Wells Fargo employees were booted out but as Sen. Warren pointed out no senior or upper management executive lost their jobs or were even reprimanded.

In order to get out of this situation, Wells Fargo bribed, aah, sorry, “agreed” to pay the federal government $185 million not as a fine but as compensation (the metaphorical wrist slap). In response, the government let them off the hook accepting the assertion from Wells Fargo that the bank did nothing wrong. As a result, it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to file civil or criminal charges against Wells Fargo.

Wells Fargo has its headquarters in San Francisco. Where was Kamala Harris, the State Attorney General, on this matter? Shouldn’t the attorney general have gone after Wells Fargo, Oh yeah, Wells is treated with kid gloves in California? Just look back at the mild financial rebuff it got from Harris as a result of the mortgage crisis. Would one see campaign contribution as the reason?

Wells Fargo is a multi-billion dollar organization and it offered as compensation what amounted to chicken-feed chump change, thanks to federal regulators (and to the state attorney general).

Michael A. Ordonia


Debates keep out some

The debate process is a sham.

About 65 percent of American voters want third-party candidates in the debates, but the Commission on Presidential Debates has set the bar so high that no third-party candidate will ever be invited.

This is a disgrace to the American voter.

Robert Turner


Gitmo serves a purpose

President Obama is sending the terrorist criminals from Gitmo prison in Cuba to numerous countries who will agree to take them. There are laws that supposedly will not allow these terrorists to be relocated in America. Obama is releasing the worst of the worst terrorists into other countries so he can obtain his goal of closing Gitmo.

Allowing these terrorists the freedom to roam with the closing of Gitmo is dangerous for the U.S. and also dangerous for the world's population. A suggestion for America's safety would be to keep Gitmo open and use this extremely secure prison for those criminals in America who are committing terrorist acts against the people in our country.

Gitmo prison is the best place and most secure prison to send deadly terrorists.

Betty K. Thomas