STOCKTON — The mother of missing brother-and-sister twins Ren and Setina Weddles, who last week was declared incompetent to stand trial on eight counts of child endangerment, has been remanded to the custody of the California Department of State Hospitals.

During a placement hearing Tuesday in San Joaquin County Superior Court, Judge Richard Vlavianos ruled that Princess Canez-Walker, 32, should receive inpatient treatment at a locked facility for a maximum commitment of three years, with a credit of 181 days for time served.

Because she has been charged with numerous felonies and found incompetent, Canez-Walker will be transferred to Napa State Hospital to undergo treatment to stabilize her mental condition and establish trial competency.

The goal of that treatment is to return Canez-Walker to court so that her trial can continue. As long as she is in the medical facility, her criminal proceedings are suspended.

If Canez-Walker was found to be unlikely to regain competency to stand trial, she would return to court to determine her future conservatorship status, according to the Department of State Hospitals.

In addition to ruling on her placement, Vlavianos also granted a request by Deputy District Attorney Elton Grau to schedule a probable cause hearing for 8:30 a.m. Aug. 8 in Department 7B to determine if Canez-Walker is gravely disabled, defined as the inability to provide for her own basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter due to her mental impairment.

Canez-Walker and her co-defendant, Aaron Ivan Weddles, 41, each face eight counts of suspicion of willful cruelty to a child with possible injury or death.

Stockton police located Canez-Walker and Weddles along with three of their eight children on Jan. 9 living in “deplorable and dangerous conditions” inside a 2002 Suzuki sport utility vehicle parked near Trinity Parkway and McAuliffe Road. Ren and Setina, the couple’s youngest children, who would have been 20 months old at the time, were not with them and have been declared missing since that date.

Court documents allude to the possibility that male twin Ren may have died May 13, 2016, in Stockton, just five weeks after he was born at the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento. Either he was killed accidentally by Weddles, the document notes, or by an unknown gunman shooting at Weddles.

A formal search for the child’s body possibly buried in the backyard of the family’s former Flint Avenue home found nothing.

Throughout the entire time they have been in custody, neither Canez-Walker nor Weddles have said anything to authorities revealing the status or whereabouts of either twin. And if there are any more clues as to their whereabouts, authorities have not been forthcoming.

When asked outside the courtroom Tuesday if Canez-Walker had said anything at all to lead authorities to the twins, prosecutor Grau said:

“Constitutionally, we can’t speak with her because she is represented (by an attorney). It’s the way the system is set up.”

Weddles, whose competency to stand trial is not in question, is scheduled to appear in court for the start of his preliminary hearing at 8:30 a.m. Aug. 8 in Department 7B. He is currently being held in the County Jail in lieu of $1.255 million bail.

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