It was a record-setting 2017 for the Port of Stockton.

The port saw a 21 percent increase in overall cargo volume and a more than 10 percent increase in vessel calls.

“In 2017 we grew our cargo business to record levels and our tenant base is at an all-time high,” Port Director Richard Aschieris said. “Those are remarkable achievements.”

All told, 4.7 million tons of imports moved through the Port of Stockton in 2017. Products brought into the port include cement, coal, sulfur, corn, fertilizer, food-grade oil, molasses and bags of rice.

“While 2017 was a record-setting year for us, we continue to look to the future as we proceed with a number of new development projects,” stated Board of Commissioners Chair, Sylvester Aguilar. “Strengthening our infrastructure will help us meet the needs of continued growth and capacity. We anticipate that even more companies will follow suit and set down roots at the Port of Stockton.”

Airgas USA LLC, a national company that supplies industrial, specialty and medical gases, announced earlier this month plans on subleasing property from existing port tenant Pacific Ethanol along Navy Drive, where it will build a plant producing liquid carbon dioxide before the end of the year.

As many as 30 people will be needed to operate the new Stockton facility, working in manufacturing, distribution and management. The port currently supports more than 5,500 jobs.

Said Aschieris: “Our growth adds strength to the Stockton and San Joaquin County economies and help to create jobs.”