Stockton, Ca

Genre of music : Hip-hop

What does music mean to you? : Music is everything to me I truely feel like making music is my purpose, from the very first moment I stepped to the mic I knew that no matter what this is what I was going to do with my life

Why did you choose your particular genre of music? : To be honest I never really chose hip-hop I just knew I wanted to make music and I just did what felt right I like to speak from the heart in my music and hip hop was the best way to convey my emotions in a way that speaks the youth of today

What effect do you hope your music has on listeners? : Well I think that music goes hand in hand with emotions so when people hear my music I only hope that it makes them feel something weather its an emotional song or one that makes them feel happy or motivated, my goal is to connect with my listeners threw my music give them a chance to walk a mile in my shoes and see life the way I see it   

Where can readers find your music :