When the voices and acting of performers in a musical are as good as they are in Stockton Civic Theatre’s presentation of “Company,” well, the show itself has to be good, too.

“I got lucky in the casting,” show director Jim Coleman said during intermission of Wednesday’s preview performance.  

And Coleman certainly did get lucky, and so would anyone going to see the Stephen Sondheim musical comedy about Robert (played by Thomas Smith), a 35-year-old single man who is unable to commit to a serious relationship. The show is enjoyable on a surface level because it is engaging, funny and witty.

Also, there is the music, which can easily produce toe-tapping moments and as mentioned, the voices. For example, when Edward Tavalin, who plays Paul, sings a solo, his baritone resonates in a way that makes you go “wow.” It’s not surprising to learn that he studied music performance, performed opera and teaches voice.

But for those who want to think, the show also has a theme of relationships, particularly about marriage, that allows for reflection and thought. In a way, this show is reminiscent of the Off Broadway musical, “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change,” which was staged at SCT in 2009 and Coleman served as musical director.

That show told the story of relationships from beginning through end, while “Company” also looks at beginning and maintaining relationships, even after they legally have ended. Look at Peter and Susan (Aaron Fonzi and Erika Kleinert) for more on that.

The ensemble cast is quite appealing and provides big laughs as they act out their issues.

Dean Blount (no relation to the reviewer), Cindy Braden, Carlie Buchanan, Rhonda Cummings, Romy Evans, Allesandra Gillet, Lydia Kaye, Jenna Zepponi Lehman, Fel Tengonciang and Bill Yee, all SCT veterans, round out the primary members of the cast and give good performances.

A live orchestra of about nine members, conducted by Ethan Albala, adds to the richness to the show, which runs about two hours, 12 minutes and has a 15-minute intermission.

As Coleman said, he got lucky.

And you will be, too, if you check out “Company” at Stockton Civic Theatre.

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