Female members of the Stockton Police Department will take a turn on camera when Lifetime television network launches “Women On Patrol,” a spinoff of the A&E network’s “Live PD.”

The show debuts 9 p.m. Monday. 

Patrol officers and a Stockton Police Department lieutenant will be featured on the program that also follows officers in Jackson, Wyoming; Wilmington, North Carolina; and Tempe, Arizona.

“We get a number of television shows that want to come and film, come and be with officers and showcase what we’re doing,” Police Chief Eric Jones said. “The decision comes around to the impact on departmental operations and what do we see as the potential benefit.

“My belief on this one is that it will showcase the good police work our officers are doing. It’s an opportunity to highlight women in policing, which is an under-represented group. If we have an opportunity to highlight and showcase women in the Stockton Police Department, it may help with recruitment diversity, which isn’t just about race and ethnicity, but also about gender.”

Additionally, Jones said he approved the program — which filmed in Stockton a couple months ago — because it seemed like a good logistical fit.

“It wasn’t as intrusive as some long-term embedded reporters might be,” Jones said. “It’s a number of ride-alongs but not overly burdensome."

The crew was in town a matter of a few weeks, not months, and relied on a skeletal crew of one or two people. It followed about six of the 45 women officers in the 457-person department who volunteered to be on the show, including some on patrol and a lieutenant working on the community response team and its strategies to combat gun violence.

“It got to see a different part of the job,” Jones said. “It’s not all about officers on the streets making arrests.”

There are 20 30-minute episodes of the program scheduled.

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